Londead was an introspective musical project by multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Guillaume Poitel, also known as Gom Pilote. Started in London in early 2011, the project dealt with painting the feeling of spleen. It was concluded with the release of maxi album "Bliska" in May 2019, on the Délivrances Collective netlabel.

Londead took musical roots in the 80's English post-punk scene fronted by The Cure, Joy Division and Dead Can Dance, mixing it with progressive rock and metal influences as well as electro-industrial/witch-house sound palettes, and a certain aesthetic desire borrowed to litterature (Oscar Wilde, Edgar Alan Poe, Anne Rice). This combination tended to present a personal and tragic approach to contemporary rock music.

Sometimes better experienced through headphones to appreciate every intention, and while walking in a city environment, Londead was never suited for live performances.

For more musical endeavors featuring Gom Pilote, please check out Between The Zones and Unspkble.

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Maxi albums are available on all streaming services and on Bandcamp.


Released in may 2019
Download on Bandcamp


1. L'espoir dans la chute (3:59)
2. Gadka Szmatka (5:14)
3. Pardon (3:30)
4. EV Vs. DM (5:02)
5. Je dérive encore (5:33)


"So, there it is. This is the last and final EP from Londead.

When I started Londead, I was in a hole near New Cross gate in London, UK. This project helped me coping with hard times and self-doubt-- ultimately making me realize that most of these things, that perhaps I thought would be temporary due to my personal life at the beginning of the project, would stay with me until the end.

I began writing "Bliska" in late 2016, after arriving in the city of Warsaw (Poland) where I lived for the next 2 years. What should have been a very spontaneous EP (like "Brs de fear" in 2013) became something bigger, and it took me 2 years to fully finish the songs.
This EP goes back to the musical roots of the project, but also features more vocals than ever before, and in french throughout the whole thing. For years I wasn't interested in using my mothertongue in my music because I had (still have) mixed feelings with it as a "sung language", but on these songs, it came out naturally... and it added the definitive nail to the coffin of the project, making it my most testimonial recording, for better or worse: at the end of the mixing process, I understood that Londead was done. You can't run away from ghosts; you learn to live with them, to embrace them even. Nothing happens the way you'd like it to happen anyway.

To the people who listened, shared, spoke or wrote about it, actually gave a damn: thank you.
It meant a lot more than I could say.
It's time to let go."


Music, lyrics and production by Gom Pilote.

Instruments programmed and recorded in Warsaw, Poland between September 2016 and April 2018. Vocals recorded in Clapiers, France in February 2019.

Album artwork by Natalia Burzyńska.     burzynska1.0


Released in june 2014
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1. Ethereal punk (1:13)
2. Future, with nostalgia (8:04)
3. Hope (3:22)
4. A late truth (6:34)
5. Morning stars (4:40)
6. Future, with omissions (5:10)


Written around may 8th 2013 with a time limit of 72 hours and "Past is the ultimate ghost" as a leitmotiv, this third EP is an attempt to make a spontaneous and raw post-rock record, extending the original sound palette of the project. Synths are now flirting with delayed electric guitars and reversed vocal pads, and the old Montpellier' streets have a special part in the music.

Final mastering was digitally made in Paris by Gregory Hoepffner (ALMEEVA, Kid North, Radius System...) in january 2014.


Written, recorded & produced by Gom Pilote.
Mastered by Gregory Hoepffner.

Cover photography by Margaux Saltel.
Album artwork by Gom Pilote.


Released in january 2013
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1. Death (5:07)
2. Grudge (4:16)
3. Disgust (3:38)
4. End (6:23)
5. Assimilation (4:52)
5. Return (5:18)
6. Fatalism (3:29)


"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"
Oscar Wilde 1854-1900

This second ep was written and recorded between june and september 2011 in Stratford, London, UK. Songs were put in mothballs for more than a year, then remixed in november and december 2012 in Montpellier, France. Mastering was made by Lucien Dall'Aglio from STOLEARM.


Written, recorded and performed by Gom.
Produced by Gom and Lucien Dall'Aglio.
Mastered by Lucien Dall'Aglio in december 2012 in Boissières, France.

Album artwork by Gom.


New Cross
Released in january 2012
Download on Bandcamp


1. Streets without memories (3:35)
2. Gray blood and drugs (2:57)
3. enid (5:03)
4. Un monde s'effondre* (6:52)


In november 2010, I moved to London, UK to start a new life.
The London real estate' situation being what it is, I stayed 5 months in a youth hostel, close to New Cross Gate. I was struggling financially, emotionally and physically, and when I was hearing people saying that 'starting over in a new city is exciting', I have to say that this new life of mine was just a new cross to bear.
All the songs on this EP were made at night between january and april 2011.


Written & produced by Gom.
Mastered by Ontoum in december 2011 in Pérols, France.

Album artwork by IN©.

* Track 4 "Un monde s'effrondre" is a cover of "World Coming Down" - Originally written by Peter Steele/Type O Negative.


Between The Zones - Astrid (Fatality Mix)
Remix, 2015 | Listen on Soundcloud
How To Destroy Angels - A Drowning (Stonegaze Mix)
Remix, 2014 | Listen on Soundcloud
Delivrances - Envie d'envie
Collaborative track, 2014 | Listen on Bandcamp
Thin-K - Into the wild
Remix, 2013 | Listen on Soundcloud


Bliska bonus track, 2021 | Listen on Soundcloud
Dry and Dusty
Fever Ray cover, 2014 | Listen on Soundcloud
Make Me Feel
One shot track, 2012 | Listen on Soundcloud


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