Released in june 2014.


Written around may 8th 2013 with a time limit of 72 hours and "Past is the ultimate ghost" as a leitmotiv, this third EP is an attempt to make a spontaneous and raw post-rock record, extending the original sound palette of the project.
Synths are now flirting with delayed electric guitars and reversed vocal pads, and the old Montpellier' streets have a special part in the music.

Mastering was made in Paris by Gregory Hoepffner (ALMEEVA, Kid North, Radius System...) in january 2014.


1. Ethereal punk (1:13)
2. Future, with nostalgia (8:04)
3. Hope (3:22)
4. A late truth (6:34)
5. Morning stars (4:40)
6. Future, with omissions (5:10)


Written, recorded & produced by Gom
Mastered by Gregory Hoepffner

Cover photography by Margaux Saltel
Album artwork by Gom

Licence Creative Commons

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