Londead is the introspective solo project of multi-instrumentalist and illustrator Guillaume Poitel, a.k.a. Gom.

Started in London in early 2011, the project deals with painting the haunting generated by an overflow of wistful cravings.

Londead takes its musical roots in the 80's English post-punk scene fronted by The Cure, Joy Division and Dead Can Dance, mixing it with some progressive and hardcore inputs in the likes of japanese act Envy and a certain aesthetic desire borrowed to litterature (Oscar Wilde, Anne Rice). This combination of genres tends to present a personal approach to contemporary rock music.

Sometimes better experienced through headphones to appreciate every intention, Londead is a priori not suited for live performances.

Londead is part of the French collective Delivrances.

Gom is a character designer and illustrator working in the advertising & animation industry. Apart from Londead, he is the singer for Animal and Between The Zones, and has been playing in various bands such as Stolearm and Quasar.